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A Track Record of Success

For over ten years, we’ve helped residents navigate the Los Angeles real estate market, and we’ve discovered the best methods that will attract serious potential buyers. We have a proven track record of getting great results and our listings often sell way over asking.

We position the property in the best way possible by fine tuning the property to its particular target buyer demographic through staging advice, photography, and (online) marketing. Each property is unique and is going to require a certain approach to highlight the best features.

We happily facilitate, advise, and coordinate the pre-marketing process. If your house or property needs some work before going to market we have a strong and reliable network of vendors that will bring your property up to current standards. We work with contractors, painters, landscapers and finally, staging companies.


Find a Real Estate Agent

We know selling a home can be more emotional than buying one, and we’ll leverage our experience and market know-how to ease you through the process. But first we’ll uncover your motivations for selling, establish a timeline and a marketing plan, and see how your home compares with others on the market. We have a track record of proven success, and you can rely on us to be your champion and best source for solutions.


Learn Your Home's Market Value

We’ll assess your home’s worth to determine its market value, taking into consideration such variables as features, size, location, market demand, and recent comparable sales. We’ll then create a “comp”, or comparative market analysis (CMA), that will help determine a competitive listing price that will attract qualified buyers and drive maximum interest to your property.


List Your Home

We believe in transparency, and at this early stage we want you to feel confident about our plans to sell your home. A listing agreement gives us permission to advertise and handle the sale of your house. It also covers the basic terms of our mutual commitment, including the length of time the home will be listed. We’ll also discuss our selling strategy and what you can expect next as we move deeper into the process.


Make it Shine

It’s all about curb appeal, and your home needs to shine inside and out before putting it on the market. We’ll strategize with our network of skilled vendors to ensure improvements, staging, photography, and video are of professional caliber and give buyers a reason to show more than a passing interest in your home. Remember, you only have a matter of seconds to make a great first impression, so make it count.


Market Your Home

A unique home needs a unique, customized marketing plan to set it apart from others on the market. We’ll combine industry-defining tech and robust online marketing strategies with tried-and-true techniques like high-quality fliers, energetic open houses, and alerting local buyer’s agents to give your home optimum exposure. We’ll utilize our trusted network of vendors, such as photographers, to make your home come to life and create local and global awareness.


Negotiate the Best Price

At this crucial stage, we’ll leverage every negotiation tool to help you make the best deal possible and arrive at a price that both you and the buyer can agree upon. We’ll use our expertise to coach you through terms, contingencies, and buyer’s financing. You’re nearing the end zone. We want to arrive at a fair market price where you walk away happy.


Seal the Deal

The day you’ve been waiting for has arrived — the closing! We’ll be right by your side during these final steps, engaging with the buyer’s agent and lending institutions to ensure all requirements are met, inspections are performed, financing is approved on time, and all the necessary disclosure documents are provided. Then, sign on the dotted line, and congratulations! You’ve just sold your home!

Personalized Marketing

We aren’t just marketing a home, we’re selling a lifestyle. People want more than interior photos and floor plans, and we deliver beyond that. When you sell with Aspire LA, we want to share the experience of the property, the neighborhood, and what it’s like to live in that particular area. All of this will be reflected in our sales description, and creative print and digital advertising. We work with professional online marketers that create online copy that will reach your desired audience.

We’ll Take Care Of It

We provide a steady hand and years of expertise from the beginning stages all the way to the negotiating table. Regardless of challenges, you can trust that we’ll get it done. We will keep you informed every step of the way.


Staging plays a crucial part in creating the perfect setting to sell your home and present it to a wide audience. We look at the style of home and cater the staging towards the perfect buyer. We’ve partnered up with Nest LA as our preferred stager.


Our trusted photography partners Jo & Charmaine at Charmaine David Photography have years of experience and know how to bring out the best of your property through photography.

Charmaine David Photography redefines real estate imagery to convey the feeling of being in the space itself. Her signature aesthetics aim to draw buyers into the property, and help them dream of making it their next home.

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