4 Interior Design Trends For 2020

December 12, 2019

4 Interior Design Trends For 2020


Sustainability seems to play an even more important role in our interior. Less mass production, more attention to the environment. For example, the term “circular economy” is coming back more and more (at IKEA, to name just one example). We increasingly go for products with a longer lifespan. In addition, products and raw materials may minimize waste and cause harmful emissions.
You can apply this 2020 living trend yourself by considering purchasing a vintage sofa of Craigslist or finding more sustainable brands such as SABAI. Try to ignore big box stores, and focus on second-hand items at a thrift store.

Warm, natural colors and materials

Natural materials in the house is nothing new: for several years we have seen more and more wood, jute and marble appear in interiors. This will be no different in 2020, and perhaps even more will come to the fore. Interiors are enriched with warmer, natural colors and materials.


Think haute eclectic, art, rich materials and colors. This trend seems to be at odds with the sustainable living trend that we mentioned earlier but nothing is further from the truth. Visit your local Goodwill and thrift stores on a regular basis and you’d be amazed about the amazing and original items you’ll want to add to your décor. Pro Tip: The Goodwill Auction site!

Smaller (and functional) living

What is important in a small home is a functional design and we expect to see more inventive ways of efficiently using space in 2020. Living in a ‘tiny house’ is no longer a trend but a fully cemented part of interior design and sustainable living, you’ll see it becoming even more common in 2020.

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