A Closer Look At The Impact Of The Crenshaw Line

November 17, 2018

A Closer Look At The Impact Of The Crenshaw Line
Take a trip through many of the communities in and around Los Angeles and ask residents about the Crenshaw/LAX Line, and you’ll probably get mixed responses. This light rail route is being constructed as a way to eventually create a rail connection to LAX, giving residents an easier way to get to the airport and dodge traffic.
Curbed LA recently posted that the line is now slated to open by 2020. 
But the construction of the line has made a huge impact on many communities already, and it’s likely that once it’s open it will have even more of an impact on the neighborhoods it passes through – places like:
  • Leimert Park
  • Hyde Park
  • Inglewood
  • Baldwin Hills
Homeowners in the nearby communities are incredibly excited, and those who have any future plans on selling in LA or on investing are already seeing that property values and real estate prices are increasing quickly around the recent Expo Line. Additionally, development is exploding there, with more jobs and entertainment being created along with it.
That same impact is expected to take place in the communities around the Crenshaw line, with the rail’s convenience and potential increasing property prices, turning the area into a seller’s market and helping investors make a big profit. Residents have already benefited from the line in areas like Leimert Park  – by adding stations to cultural areas like Leimert Park Village which are made up of mom-and-pop shops, these locally owned businesses could see their profits increase dramatically as new visitors make their way to the area by using the Crenshaw Line.
Progress is ongoing, and the line is now behind schedule. But it is something that is being constructed at the moment, and when finished there is no question that it is likely to change the landscape of Los Angeles and that it will impact every piece of Los Angeles real estate that is near the line.
Just how much things change will be hard to say until the construction is completed and the line opens, but for now, most are optimistic that the line will change the community for the better by bringing new opportunities, increasing the ease with which locals travel, and more.
image: thesource.metro.net

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