Aspire Talks Edition 1 Letty Vermeulen & Natalie Salins

May 1, 2020

Aspire Talks Edition 1 Letty Vermeulen & Natalie Salins
In this first edition of Aspire Talks, Letty talks with mortgage lender and loan expert Natalie Salins about the financial landscape during this pandemic.⁠  They address important questions about whether or not to continue paying your mortgage, is it a good time to refinance, and more.
  • I got furloughed from my job. Should I apply for loan forbearance?
  • How will forbearance affect my credit score?
  • Is refinancing a good option for us right now?
  • We are first-time homebuyers and still want to buy a home. Can we still get financing?
  • I’m a landlord who wants to refinance my property in light of the eviction moratorium. Can I do this?
  • If I can’t pay my full mortgage payment next month, does it make sense for me to make a partial payment?
  • I’m an investor with strong financials. Can I get financing right now to purchase non-owner-occupied investment residential property? Are there still non-conforming (jumbo) loans?
Aspire Talks Edition 1

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