Best Places To Hike In Greater Los Angeles

January 2, 2019

There are plenty of reasons to invest in Los Angeles real estate and call this city home. But for those who are looking to buy in LA and live here, one of the biggest things to consider is what they’ll be doing when they aren’t at home. Those who enjoy the great outdoors will be happy to know that you don't have to stick to the pavement – you can access some great hikes.
If you’re not convinced, just take a look at some of the great places you can hike in the greater LA area.
  • Charlie Turner Trail – Located in Griffith Park, this trail will wind you up to Mount Hollywood to get stunning 360-degree views of the ocean, the city, and the Verdugo Mountains. It’s a great, 45-minute hike that anyone should consider taking to get a new perspective on the city.
  • Baldwin Hills – In Culver City, you’ll find this easy walk with amazing views. 260 stone slabs lead up to a tremendous view that lets you see the skyline and the mountains beyond. You can make the entire hike in just under 20 minutes, making it a great option for those who want a quick jaunt into the outdoors.
  • Chantry Flats – This world away from LA is just 30 minutes from the freeway and the San Gabriel Valley. This moderately strenuous hike in Los Angeles National Forest is family-friendly but make sure you read the signs and keep on the trails, there are bears here!
  • Temescal Canyon – This canyon offers a loop trail that takes you through a shaded canyon, a seasonal waterfall, amazing rock formations, and great views. And it’s a quick drive from almost anywhere in LA.
  • Malibu Creek – This state park offers everything. You’ll get rock climbing, lakes, and rivers to paddle, amazing rock formations, and beautiful scenery. You’ll find plenty of hiking to enjoy while visiting this park.
  • Runyon Canyon – Offering shorter hikes, beginner-friendly paved paths, dog areas, and even free yoga, this canyon is a must-visit. It’s often thought of as an option for those who aren’t really serious about their hiking but don’t let the snobs stop you from experiencing one of the best locations in the region.
And these are just a handful of the many great opportunities available to those in the LA area. If you want to find a great home, talking to an LA broker is the first step. Once you are settled, you’ll have plenty of hiking to experience and enjoy, no matter if you’re a beginner hiker or a decades-long outdoorsman.

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