Best Practices for Zoom Calls

August 27, 2020

Best Practices for Zoom Calls
With video calls and online meetings becoming the norm these days, it is important to understand and follow a few best practices for Zoom calls. Whether you are hosting an event or meeting, or are attending one, there are a few things to keep in mind.

Your Video and Audio

When participating in a Zoom call, you should try to have your video turned on unless you feel that the background or your appearance is not appropriate or is too distracting. When you have the video feature turned on, you will probably be more engaged in what is going on, and it is a crucial component of communication.
Make sure you always test your video and audio before jumping in on the Zoom call as well to make sure everything is working, and there will be no hiccups when the meeting starts. Finally, make sure to look at the camera during your Zoom call. These actions mimic face-to-face communication and eye contact that you would have in a normal face-to-face meeting.

Zoom Call Etiquette

When participating in a Zoom call, you want to learn some general rules as it pertains to common courtesy for these virtual meetings.

Avoid Eating and Drinking

Unless you are catching up with friends or family, your Zoom call is not the time for drinking and snacking. Save it for after your call. It is unprofessional and not appealing to see others in the call eating while they should be engaging.

Mute Yourself 

When you are on a call, that should be your primary focus but sometimes we cannot avoid background noises. It’s best practice to mute yourself until it's your time to engage and speak.

Consider Your Environment

Finally, consider your environment and what others may scope out in the background during the Zoom call. You probably don’t want people to see a pile of dirty laundry or a mess in the background. Try to find a plain wall or a tidy bookshelf to use in the background. Zoom also allows for virtual backgrounds if needed to help disguise a cluttered or unprofessional environment.
The lighting is also important. Make sure to position yourself so that the light is coming from in front of you and not behind you. If you have blinds, make sure to close them before the call.
If you follow these simple best practices, you will find your next Zoom call to be a piece of cake.

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