COVID Home Office Trends And Ideas

July 9, 2020

COVID Home Office Trends And Ideas
With more and more people making the transition to remote work from their homes nowadays, the question of how to create the most functional office space at home has definitely come up. Today, we will look at some COVID home office trends and ideas you can play around with if you are one of many who will be working from home.

No Desk

Many people who have started working from home find that their files are stored digitally anyway, so they want to reduce the clutter in their home office. To do this, they skip the traditional desks with drawers and storage and instead opt for worktables. This allows for minimal furniture and a more streamlined work area.

Keep Clutter Out Of Sight

When working at home, you want a clean space to work in or else you may begin to feel overwhelmed. If you don’t have time to clean yet, having a stylish cabinet with doors that close can temporarily contain any mess or clutter while allowing you to remain organized.

Go Natural

Working at home can be a drag if you don’t have elements of the outside world around you. You can create a secret garden type of office by introducing plants and flowers to brighten  up the space and bring that touch of nature indoors. It also helps make an enclosed space feel a bit bigger and not so confining.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Color

When looking at home office trends during COVID-19, we are also seeing people using more and more color. A few coats of bright colored paint can make the space more inviting and motivate you to be more productive.
Who wants to sit in a boring work area for hours? Be creative and aim for a more inspiring space with a touch of color on the walls or in the accessories you use.

Open Shelving

Finally, for some more organization and functionality in your home office, consider open shelving. This allows you to stay organized even while displaying some of your favorite photos or knickknacks. It is also helpful if you don’t have dedicated office space in the home. So if you have a double-duty room, the open shelving can help keep everything in place.
Did any of these COVID home office trends and ideas inspire you to create a more functional and beautiful space in your home? If so, try them out right now!

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