Day Trip Activities In And Within Driving Distance Of LA

June 10, 2020

Day Trip Activities In And Within Driving Distance Of LA
If you are searching for day trip activities you can find in and within driving distance of Los Angeles, California, we are here to provide you with helpful information. Read on to browse our list of locations that are perfect for day trip activities when you have a short time to spend in the area.

The City Of Ojai

Ojai is a very small city nestled in Ventura County, California. It is northwest of Los Angeles and set in the valley in the Topatopa Mountains. Ojai is a village-like area that has a good variety of art galleries as well as interesting New Age shops. You can try local craft beer, show up for pixie season from late March through early May, and set out on a two-hour Experience Ojai ride as you head east out of town and up to the citrus orchards.

Santa Monica Pier And Beach

Just west of downtown Los Angeles, you will find the famous Santa Monica Pier and Beach. With three miles of shoreline, there is plenty to see and experience apart from the mild weather and soft, sandy beaches. You can walk in the area or explore it while riding a bike. There is a scenic 22-mile bike path called The Strand that runs parallel to the Pacific Ocean. You can also hop on the Ferris wheel at the pier and do a few people-watching at the Third Street Promenade.

Farmers Market And The Grove

The Original Farmers Market is one of LA’s most beloved landmarks. It was founded in 1934, and it is a popular destination for tourists and locals alike. You will find a variety of fresh produce and ready-to-eat snacks. Parking is free for up to 90 minutes, and there are guided Foodie Tours throughout the farmers market as well.

The Broad

If you prefer more of an educational day trip to Los Angeles, we recommend visiting The Broad. It is the honeycomb building in downtown LA that houses art collections from famous artists like Jeff Koons and Andy Warhol. You can also find some temporary exhibits by new artists. Admission is free, and this is the ideal day trip for those who love art and architecture.
As you can see, there is plenty to do in and around LA. Be it a scenic adventure or an educational experience, you won’t have a hard time choosing a day trip activity you will enjoy.

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