DIY And Interior Design Trends You Can Accomplish At Home

July 24, 2020

DIY And Interior Design Trends You Can Accomplish At Home
The spread of the coronavirus around the world has many people sheltering in place at home to avoid unnecessary exposure. However, instead of sitting around fretting, you can use your time productively and explore different DIY, interior, and home improvement trends you can accomplish at home. Your home and mental health will thank you.

Organize The Closet Or Garage

Summer is here, and the weather is warm, so why not get outside and get some fresh air while you organize your garage? You can start by sweeping out all the dirt and debris, and then gather everything you have to go through. It might seem overwhelming at first, but when you are done, you will feel a great sense of accomplishment.
The same applies to organizing the closets inside the home. Don’t be afraid to play around with different storage bins and decorative baskets and get creative when it comes to organization.

Patio Improvement

Since many of us are staying at home, we can try to find ways to make the spaces on our property more functional. Upgrading your patio should be part of your home improvement list. You can also have the backyard of your dreams by planting a few of your favorite flowers, hanging some string lights, and growing your own garden.

Get To Painting

Painting is another great activity to do at home, and it can make a drastic improvement to your property. Many local hardware stores are doing curbside pickup during this time, so you can order what you need online and pick it up at the store without ever leaving your vehicle.
A fresh coat of paint or a DIY wall mural can enhance an otherwise drab room and bring some life to the space. We love Vintage Revivals’ paint-by-numbers tutorial, this landscape adds such depth and interest.

DIY Projects

Don’t be afraid to look for interesting ideas on Pinterest while maximizing your time at home. If there is a project you have always wanted to do, then now is the time to do it.
Craft stores also offer curbside pickup and delivery options, so you can safely get all the items you need for your DIY project. This can be anything from sewing new pillows for the couch to hemming some curtains for the bedroom.
As you can see, there is plenty you can do around the home while sheltering in place during a pandemic. Even the smallest of projects can go a long way in improving the home and adding value and function to each space.
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