DIY Projects Around Your Home

May 20, 2020

DIY Projects Around Your Home
Are you bored right now? With stay-at-home orders and everything else going on in the world today, we have all found ourselves spending more and more time indoors and around the home rather than being out and about. So why not take this opportune time to do some DIY home projects that you might have been putting off?
If you’re not sure where to start, we have a few easy DIY projects you can try.

Spruce Up Your Indoor Spaces

Let’s start with the inside of your home. It’s springtime, which means spring cleaning is a must. Instead of shoving all that clutter into the corners and the back of your closet, it is time to declutter the home. There are small DIY projects you can do to help you get more organized.

Front Hall

Do you have a small table in your entryway where you leave your mail and keys? Why not dress this area up a bit more? You can make a sign for your entryway quickly and easily with items you may already have around the house. All you need is an old piece of wood, some chalk paint, a sponge or a brush, and some stencils. You can paint whatever you want or use a stencil of your favorite quote to create a beautiful work of art for your entryway.

Touch Up the Furniture

After having your furniture for so long, it can become cracked and chipped in places. Now is the perfect time to do some touch-ups. For wood furniture, use a wood polish or finishing wax. There are also touch-up pens you can purchase to help buff out small nicks and other similar marks.
Consider painting some of your furniture that is looking especially worn out. One coat of paint can completely transform various furnishings you have at home.

Improve Your Outdoor Spaces

Springtime in LA means beautiful, vibrant, colorful flowers. Create a simple wooden planter box with plastic inserts to grow some herbs for your garden. You can also create a planter box bench to display your flowers while allowing for some additional seating outdoors.
Do you have some old lattice hanging out in the garage? Use it along with some wooden boards and wood glue to create a stunning planter for your patio area. You can paint your planter box whatever color will work best with the rest of your outdoor décor. Position the lattice so it creates a unique crossed pattern to give your planter more of a 3D look.
As you can see, there are many things you can do inside and outside the house to spruce things up, whether you want to freshen up the property or prepare it for a future sale. All of these are easy and can be accomplished with items that may be readily available in your home.

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