Downtown Los Angeles Events

November 8, 2018

Downtown Los Angeles Events
Los Angeles is more than just one of the most heavily populated cities in the world. It’s a city that is made up of many different communities. And each of those communities has its own unique identity. Downtown LA has much more to offer than just huge sporting events or concerts from superstars – there are smaller, regular events that make it a big part of the lives of those who call the city home.
Taking a closer look at some of these events can show you more about why buying Los Angeles real estate and becoming part of the city is so worthwhile – and why many investors decide to go beyond just purchasing investment properties and calling the city home. Here are some of the events worth knowing about.
  • Smorgasburg LA – Every Sunday from 10 AM to 4 PM, Smorgasburg opens up. This is a weekly Sunday market that offers drinks, food, and shopping. Think of it like a street fair made up of eclectic vendors – you’re guaranteed to find something unique.
  • Farmer’s Market – LA is home to several Farmer’s Markets including the Historic Downtown Farmers Market and the Certified Farmers Market that pops up at different places throughout the city. You’ll find products, fresh eggs, and more – all from local growers.
  • Grand Park – located in downtown Los Angeles between The Music Center and City Hall, with a variety of events around the year you’ll not be disappointed.
  • Seasonal Events – Whether it’s Halloween trick or treating or costume events, Holiday festivities, or Fourth of July blowouts, LA residents will find countless holiday events to enjoy together with their friends and family.
  • Fun runs – Half Marathons, Santa Runs, Zombie runs, and other events are also planned regularly and give fitness buffs a chance to get together and run for good causes while bonding with their neighbors.
  • Beer Battles – Downtown brewers and bars put their drinks to the test at the weekly beer battles, taking place on Wednesdays from 630 to 9 PM.
These are only a few events that you can count on to occur. Every month, countless smaller events are planned and held at theaters, restaurants, bars, nightclubs, studios, and more. Some are held by the city itself while others are hosted by the business. All you need to do is look up the day and you’ll find plenty of activities to enjoy.
Talking to a Los Angles real estate broker can be the first step towards becoming part of the community and being able to enjoy our favorite historic neighborhoods and their events every week.

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