Financial Freedom Through Real Estate

November 26, 2018

Financial Freedom Through Real Estate
It’s no secret that California has one of the strongest economies in the world. And while that economy is built on a lot of things, real estate is certainly one of them. Simply put, it’s well worth learning all that you can about the opportunities that exist in the Los Angeles real estate market. For years, people have been using real estate to gain financial freedom and now an upcoming event offers the opportunity to learn more about how to do just that.
The event is “Achieving Financial Freedom through Real Estate”, and the seminar lasts all day long on Saturday, January 12. It’s being held at co-working space Ethos Society in Koreatown and will let those who want to capitalize on California’s robust real estate market in a big way, eventually find financial freedom.
Our CEO and broker Letty Vermeulen will be a featured speaker and is looking forward to sharing her insights on the Los Angeles real estate market now and in the future.
Guests will experience a short introductory speech before the floor is turned over to a day’s worth of real estate brokers, investors, and professionals who will provide information and inspiration to all attendees.
The key is tearing down the fear that exists within real estate investing. Buying real estate is likely to be the biggest investment one will make, and it’s important to have a clear vision and understanding of how best to maximize earning potential and find true success in the real estate markets.
Unlike other real estate seminars, nothing is being sold. There is no overall goal of making tons of money for the host or even the presenters. Instead, the overall goal is to share knowledge and expertise with those who want to break into the real estate world. Visitors can expect:
  • A swag bag with goodies from presenter and real estate professionals
  • Lunch and all-day drinks
  • Wine and Cheese at the end of the event
  • Information on real estate buying, selling, brokerage, and investing
  • Inspiration and guidance towards a better future
Ticket prices are low – just $60 presale and $75 at the door. At least 20% of proceeds will go to a charity that will help the LA community. Those who are in need of direction, guidance, or help will find that this event is one of the best ways to gain a deeper understanding of the world of Los Angeles real estate – and the knowledge obtained will transfer into any part of the country, as well, giving them true freedom to live where they choose and enjoy a life that is filled with reward.

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