House Updates To Tackle In The Summer

July 3, 2019

House Updates To Tackle In The Summer
If you are a California homeowner deciding to sell in LA sometime in the near future, you will want to take certain things into account, especially before tackling any big improvement projects. The same can be said for those not wishing to sell in LA. The Golden State is your home, and the only thing you want to do is make your house a little more visually appealing. Whatever you have planned, you should avoid attempting specific projects at particular times of the year.
So stay put and read further before hiring someone to take on an endeavor or deciding to take charge of a DIY job like a bull in a China shop.

Although It Can Be Enticing, Wait Until Summer To Paint

Painting during the wintertime can be a difficult task for even the utmost professionals. Most experts agree that the ideal temperature for brushing, rolling, or spraying on a coat of paint is 75 degrees. While a new shiny finish will make your house’s exterior pop, trying to give it that beautiful sparkle at below 60 degrees can be a recipe for disaster. For one, the paint may change colors. Then again, it might become clumpy too, which will lead to a bumpy, unbecoming surface rather than a silky smooth one. Also, it is possible for drips and runs to become part of the equation. So, do yourself a favor and wait until it is warmer outside to put on that fresh coat of paint.

Concrete Work Should Be Put On Hold Till Summer As Well

Replacing a driveway or sidewalk can get a bit pricier during the cold months. If concrete is poured on frozen ground, it can shift and crack as the dirt thaws out. Then, the process will have to be completed again. Additionally, people will probably have to purchase or rent portable heaters too. After all, if the temperature is too cold, the curing of the concrete can take forever, or it may fail to cure altogether. Not to mention, the rainy season can do a number on the finished product as well. Hence, once again, concrete work is another project that should be completed in the summer.
If you are looking to tackle projects before selling your house, feel free to reach out to us first to discuss your options and to figure out which renovations will give you more bang for your buck. We have great relationships with lots of service providers that will help create the best result for your property.

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