Neighborhood Market Update: Jefferson Park

March 21, 2019

Neighborhood Market Update: Jefferson Park
Much like most real estate markets around the country, the Los Angeles market is affected by lack of supply, affordability issues, and fluctuating interest rates.
Our CEO and broker, Letty Vermeulen notes that for South LA’s Jefferson Park and West Adams neighborhoods she can definitely see a slowdown. Partly due to the past winter months which are always slower and partly due to a city-wide slowdown.
However, the Jefferson Park and West Adams area are still in a strong position due to the central location and the area is quickly becoming a public transportation hub, making it a very competitive market for first-time home buyers and experienced buyers alike. We are also noticing many new apartment buildings in the development, often combined with new retail and restaurants.
If you’d like to learn more about the Jefferson Park/West Adams area, or the general Los Angeles real estate market, please contact us!

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