New Developments In Jefferson Park

May 7, 2018

New Developments In Jefferson Park
In the last few years, Jefferson Park has experienced a renaissance. This South Los Angeles community has become a very appealing neighborhood for young professionals, artists, and families looking for affordable, historic homes. Jefferson Park is a perfect fit because it has tons of historic homes, easy access to the Santa Monica Freeway, and a strong community vibe.

Development With History In Mind

As Jefferson Park has become more and more popular, the area is starting to see new developments to meet the demands of this growing community. Much of these developments have been driven by community groups looking to preserve the culture and architectural history of this neighborhood. The Jefferson Park HPOZ has been really influential in ensuring that the neighborhood keeps its unique charm while meeting the needs of the modern, growing community.

Rethinking Jefferson Park

Most of the new developments have been community-driven. The developments have mainly focused on renovating and upgrading existing homes and community features like parks, business centers, and schools. There also has been a lot of reimaging of existing structures. For example, the old medical building located on 2231 South Western Building has recently been bought by a property developer. The developer is considering converting this old building into upscale housing with shops and a rooftop restaurant.

Breaking Ground In Jefferson Park

There are a lot of examples of older buildings being converted into a mixed-use development. However, as the community has grown, there has been more demand for new developments and we’re starting to see construction companies break ground on some new buildings. Most notably is the Paul Williams apartment complex which will have 41 units for low-income families expected to be completed this summer. What’s interesting about the complex is that it will provide more than just housing, it will also offer community development programs like after-school tutoring, literacy classes, and other educational programs for the residents. Another example of development is the new hotel planned right along I-10. This hotel will have 81 guest rooms and bring in new tourist income to the community.
What we love about Jefferson Park, is that it’s not just a thriving neighborhood, but the residents really care about the community. They are working to keep the culture and heritage intact while Jefferson Park grows. If you are looking to move to a strong community in the Los Angeles area, look no further than Jefferson Park. Our agents can help you find a great home so you can be part of these exciting developments.

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