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Six Ways Home Staging Will Help You Sell Your House Faster

June 11, 2018

Six Ways Home Staging Will Help You Sell Your House Faster
Home staging is not just about decorating, it’s a way to market to potential buyers. Home staging gives buyers a great first impression of your property, incentivizing them to put in an offer.
If you want to sell your home faster, here are six ways home staging can help:
1. Every seller’s goal is to get the highest price for their home in the quickest time. A well-staged home elicits an emotional response from the buyer. Potential buyers can visualize themselves in the space. Studies show that staged homes sell 43% more quickly than unstaged homes.
2. Home staging justifies your asking price. Home buyers today are savvy about property values. You can be sure that potential buyers will scrutinize your asking price like never before. If you stage your house before you try to sell it, you’ll have an easier time justifying the price.
3. Staging makes the house seem larger and makes every room have a purpose. While you may think that a home office is obvious because that is how you use the space, the buyer may have a limited vision of the room’s potential without your help.
4. A staged home gives the impression of a well-maintained home. Basic repairs are the first step in any home-staging plan. After that, you move on to the cosmetic touches like painting and decorating. The result is that the house seems like it’s in prime shape. This puts buyers’ minds at ease about the quality of the home and increases their interest in buying.
5. As a seller, you want the buyer’s agent to rave about your house. Real estate agents walk through homes all day long. This is especially true for the buyer agents, who might have to show dozens of homes to please their clients. Many of the homes the agent visit will be poorly staged, so when an agent walks into a house that has been staged properly, they get excited about it. The agent’s excitement will rub off on the buyers.
6. A “must-see” staged home will bring in more potential buyers. Real estate-focused websites such as Curbed LA regularly pick up listings that have impressive staging and create an atmosphere that appeals to their readers. When real estate agents get excited over a well-staged home other agents will hear about your house too. The buyer’s agent will want to bring his or her other clients to your house as well. They’ll probably mention it to other agents working in their firm. This will increase the number of buyers who come out to see your home giving you a better chance of selling.
7. Investing in home staging is just one of the many things you can do to ensure your home sells quickly. Our agents at Aspire, have the expertise and knowledge to help you get your home sold faster. Contact us to learn more about how we can help you sell your home.

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