The Olympics Are Returning To Los Angeles In Ten Years: Let’s Take A Look At Where They Will Be Held

June 1, 2018

The Olympics Are Returning To Los Angeles In Ten Years: Let’s Take A Look At Where They Will Be Held
The Olympics are returning to Los Angeles in 2028 for the first time since 1984 and we couldn’t be more excited. The games will be split up across a variety of different venues throughout central Los Angeles and out to surrounding areas like Riverside and Long Beach. Even though it’s a decade away, we figured we’d take a look at some of the future sites and neighborhoods where the games will be held. These areas will experience an economic boom from tourists coming from all over the world to enjoy the games.
  • LA Stadium: Set to open in just two short years, the new home of the LA Rams and Charges will host the opening ceremony. Located in Inglewood, this new stadium will also house an entertainment complex next door. Very good news for South LA.


  • Forum: The Forum also located in Inglewood will be the spot to view the crowd's favorite gymnastics. The Forum also hosted basketball back in the 1984 games, so they are well equipped to handle the Olympic crowds.
  • Los Angeles Memorial Stadium: Having hosted the Olympic games twice, this historic stadium will be the site of track and field. There is also talk that the Los Angeles Memorial Stadium will host the closing ceremony.
  • Dedeaux Field: Currently a baseball stadium, USC’s Dedeaux Field will be transformed into a swimming and diving facility for the games. Dedeaux Fields is not the only facility USC will provide. The media covering the games will also be staying at the newly constructed USC Village.
  • Los Angeles Convention Center: There’s been a discussion for years about the Los Angeles Convention Center being updated. Now that they are hosting basketball, boxing, fencing, and taekwondo, we may finally see some renovations.
These are just some of the facilities around Los Angeles that will host the games. Over the next ten years, we’ll see a lot of great renovations happen to prepare for the events. This will be a very exciting time for Los Angeles residents, especially those living in the central and historic Los Angeles communities where the majority of the games will be hosted. These neighborhoods will certainly see an economic boom as a result.
Now is a great time if you are considering relocating to one of these neighborhoods. Once the city really starts ramping up to the Olympic games, the property values will go up. This will be great for homeowners who buy now while prices are still comparatively lower.

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