What Paperwork Do I Need To Sell My House?

April 16, 2019

 What Paperwork Do I Need To Sell My House?
When you get ready to sell your home, it can be an exciting but stressful time. After all, even if you’re working with a real estate expert, planning to sell in LA can still be a big undertaking. The market here is very robust, and the process of selling is in itself quite complex. And one of the biggest challenges? Paperwork.
When you sell in LA it can be a paperwork nightmare – hundreds of sheets of paper are used in some cases. Buyers are the ones who really have to deal with the majority of it, signing paper after paper after paper for lenders, realtors, and more. But sellers have their own paperwork nightmare to deal with and knowing what you’ll need is a must for anyone planning on selling.
So, before you contact your real estate broker to list your home, take a quick look at some of the documents you’ll need.

Prior To Listing

You’ll need all of these just to be ready to list, giving you and buyers and your real estate broker an idea of what to expect and what is needed.
  • Original Sales Contract
  • Home Repair and Maintenance Records
  • Homeowners Insurance Records
  • Homeowners Association Documents
  • Professional Appraisal Form The Initial Purchase Of Your Home
  • Past Utility Bills
  • Manuals and Warranties

Launching The Sale

When you’re ready to list, there are a handful of documents that will be needed including the following.
  • Seller’s Net Sheet
  • Proposed Marketing Plan
  • Listing Agreement
  • Comparative Market Analysis

Once Your Home Is Listed

You’ll also need several documents throughout the process of being listed, particularly as potential buyers become more interested.
  • Mandatory Disclosures
  • Pre Inspection Report
  • Natural Hazards Report
  • Preliminary Title Report
  • Transfer Disclosure Statement

Once An Offer Is Made

When you get an offer, documents are generated and required yet again. Luckily, it’s only five main ones this time:
  • Purchase Offer and Counteroffer
  • Final Purchase and Sale Agreement
  • Contingency Removal Form
  • Home Inspection Report
  • Appraisal Report

At Closing

Finally, when you sit down to close, you will be signing several additional documents. These include the following.
  • Deed
  • Most Recent Tax Statement
  • Seller’s Estimated Settlement Statement
  • 1099 S Tax Form
These documents may not all come into play during the process of selling your home, but if you’re preparing to sell in LA you’ll want to brace yourself for a mountain of paperwork and documents. Your real estate broker can help you manage them more effectively, but being prepared will help you in a big way.

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