What Should You Focus On When Researching Your New Neighborhood?

May 3, 2019

What Should You Focus On When Researching Your New Neighborhood?
Making a move is a big step. With so many different options out there, finding that perfect one can be a challenge. But remember that even if a home is great, it’s what is around it that matters just as much. The neighborhood around your potential house will have a huge impact on your enjoyment of it and on what you get from living there. So just what should you look for when researching a new neighborhood? Luckily, a few things can help make it easier to find the right place to call home.
Before you go over our list, however, remember that it’s important that you begin every hunt by understanding exactly what it is that you’re looking for. Each person shopping for a home may be looking for their own specific thing and have their own priorities about what makes a house and a neighborhood great. SO, keep the following in mind but be sure that you consider exactly what it is that you’re looking for when finding your dream home.
  • Schools – If you have children (or are thinking that you may want to have them eventually), it’s important to research the schools that are in the area. Find out what they offer and how they are rated. Greatschools.org is a great resource as is the guide we wrote on the subject.
  • Transportation Options – Consider the transportation options that are around your new house. Mass transit, railways, busses, and more should all be considered in order to plan out your life once that you move into the house. Great public transportation options and developments also help to increase your home’s value over time, especially in city such as Los Angeles. You can see these changes happening right now in South L.A. as more areas are connecting to the public transportation system.
  • Tax Opportunity Zones – opportunity zones provide tax incentives to purchasers who buy property in a designated area. Many of these areas are also on the radar of mortgage providers, offering very competitive financing rates.
  • Activities – While spending time at home is great, enjoying the rest of the neighborhood is important as well. What is there nearby to do? Is it something you’re interested in? The city is adding parks and recreational areas to a lot of upcoming neighborhoods.
  • Dining – Dining out is a big part of life, especially in a city like Los Angeles. Be sure you look into food and bev options in the area to ensure that you never have to go far for a great meal, this shouldn’t be to hard in most areas.
  • Utilities – This one might surprise you, but it’s becoming more and more important. What kind of internet provider is available in the area? What company provides power or phone? Be sure that you have access to the right options for your needs to ensure that you can get the best possible experience once you move in.
Keep these points in mind and you should be able to find the right kind of home in the right kind of neighborhood.

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