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Why Pasadena Is Easy To Love

November 12, 2018

Why Pasadena Is Easy To Love
California is home to millions of people – and thousands of neighborhoods for those people to live in. Finding the perfect place to live isn't always easy, but with the help of a good real estate broker and a few ideas about what it is you want from a community, it’s possible to find the right LA neighborhood for you and your family. And one of our favorite neighborhoods is certainly Pasadena.
Pasadena offers a lot to love, and when you take a closer look at some of the things that make it great you’ll see why it might be exactly where you need to head when you’re interested in Los Angeles real estate. Here are some of the key reasons we love Pasadena.
  • Artistic Culture – Pasadena has more artists, designers, and professionals making a living working in the media than almost anywhere else in the nation. This creates a culture of creativity that is a great fit for those embracing their own artistic side.
  • Variety – There are actually 38 different neighborhoods within Pasadena itself, making it the 40th largest community in the state. Places like Bungalow Heaven offer classic homes dating back to the 1910s, complete with porches to relax on. Other places have more upscale, modern homes, and the simple fact is that you can find the right kind of property for you no matter what you’re interested in.
  • Events – Pasadena is known for the Rose Bowl, but its culture includes events that go well beyond just football. The smaller communities that makeup Pasadena have their own events ranging from neighborhood cookouts to holiday events and more.
  • Entertainment – From football games to bars and nightclubs to some of the most interesting restaurants in the nation, Pasadena has plenty to fall in love with and plenty for you to see and do. No matter what you’re in the mood for, Pasadena has it.
  • Crime Rate – Pasadena’s communities are more tight-knit than others. Those who live here will be able to relax and enjoy themselves knowing that they have a lower overall crime rate than other parts of the country.
These are just a few reasons that Pasadena offers a lot to love and why it’s such an important place for those looking to buy LA real estate to consider. It really does have something to offer everyone, and while home prices can sometimes be slightly higher than other places, the price is well worth it.

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