Let's make an impact! ✨

June 21, 2023

Let's make an impact! ✨
If two products are almost identical, but the profits from one went to shareholders, while the profits from the other went to benefiting
communities, what would you choose?
You now have that choice!
Giving back to the communities we serve is part of Aspire LA's core values. We find it important to partner with companies and individuals that prioritize giving back. We sat down with Natalie Salins, one of our preferred lenders at Movement Mortgage to break down what impact lending is and why we are so passionate about it! 
Learn more in the video below:



Any mortgage lender that commits at least 10% of its profits to helping the neighborhoods it serves is an Impact Lender. By giving borrowers the choice to have profits distributed to do good in communities, lenders can create deeper, more valuable connections.

At Movement, they are Impact Lenders. They give 40%-50% of their profits to making an impact in our communities. For Movement, purpose and people have always come before profit. They are first Impact Lender in the industry. 



Mortgages that mean more impact:
Movement has given $377 million to the Movement Foundation so far, the vessel they use to fund much-needed infrastructure, education and support to underserved areas in the U.S. and around the world.

Mortgages that mean more schools:
Movement Schools is a network of public charter schools committed to teaching world-class academics and virtues in areas where families have historically lacked access to education options. They opened their 4th school in 2022, and 5 more schools are in the works.

Mortgages that mean more giving:
Movement’s match giving program amplifies the generosity of others. When employees give to a cause that’s important to them, Movement matches it dollar for dollar or donates to match the time they volunteer. They have matched over $6 million since the program began.

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