Selecting a Real Estate Agent If You Are A First Time Homebuyer

April 3, 2018

Selecting a Real Estate Agent If You Are A First Time Homebuyer
The numbers and forecasts don’t lie. 2018 is going to be another challenging year for first-time homebuyers. Los Angeles has an inventory shortage and as long as we have this shortage we will have bidding wars.   Homes that do hit the market sell fast and home values will continue to rise, but, here’s the good news, they will rise at a slower pace.
What you need to navigate these competitive waters is a good agent, but how do you go about finding a great real estate agent?
Here’s what you should be looking for when selecting a real estate agent:
1. Track record; do they have a proven track record in your search area? While starting agents can be a great match, in certain highly competitive areas it will help you to have an experienced realtor on your side. Ask for their track record and references;
2. Keeping you informed; ask your prospective agent how and how frequently they intend to inform you of their home searches and if they are tech savvy enough to do a complete search of all the inventory on the market;
3. Referrals; one of the best ways of finding a great agent is by asking your network, if you have any friends or family or co-workers that have recently purchased a home ask them who they used and if they were a good fit;
4. Specialization; some agents work solely with buyers, if this has your preference, be sure to ask your prospective agent if this is how they work;
5. Markets; ask your agent if they work in the areas you are interested in. Getting a great agent referred to you is super helpful, but only if they have experience in your area of interest. Often local agents have access to off-market listings or know about properties coming to the market before anyone else.
As with any good relationship, expectations matter. Get clear on what you expect from your agent and communicate your needs right from the start.  Once expectations are clear, the right agent will be able to tell you which expectations are realistic and which ones are not.
Our agents are led by an experienced broker and CEO Letty Vermeulen who created a boutique agency with Aspire Los Angeles and stands for the values that you’d expect from a boutique agency setting. Aspire is comprised of a team of professionals. You can expect personalized attention, an eye for detail, and a highly motivated team.

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