Why Are Mid-Century Modern Homes So Popular In Los Angeles

April 24, 2018

Why Are Mid-Century Modern Homes So Popular In Los Angeles
It seems like everyone is living for Mid-Century Modern Homes in Los Angeles right now. Design blogs, furniture stores, and interior design magazines are all featuring Mad Men-inspired spaces on their front page. So why are Mid-Century Modern interior design and homes still so popular decades later?

What Defines Mid-Century Modern Style?

Mid-Century Modern is arguably a broad term that describes the aesthetic style of the mid-20th Century. Generally, the Mid-Century period lasted from the 1930s to the 1960s. During this time there were many cultural shifts, including the suburbanization of America. With large numbers of people moving to the suburbs, there was a demand for modern living spaces. Architecture and furniture prior to this period were often ornate, time-consuming to create, and more attractive than functional. So the primary characteristics of Mid-Century modern homes in Los Angeles were inspired by these cultural changes.

Mid-Century Modern is characterized by:

  • A balance of function and form
  • Uncluttered and sleek look
  • Minimal ornamentation and design
  • Exploration and combining of materials like metals and plastics with wood
  • Large windows (read: amazing LA views)
  • Geometric shapes and flat planes
  • Split-level spaces

Why Mid-Century Modern Style Is So Enduring

Mid-Century Modern has a broad appeal for many reasons. The sleek, minimal design matches nearly any personal decor style. Mid-Century Modern homes are designed to be really functional for a modern lifestyle. They are still very compatible with the way we live now–unlike say Victorian homes, that have servant halls and root storage cellars. Though most of the homes were built quickly during the post-war boom, they are extremely sturdy. It’s relatively easy to find Mid-Century Modern homes in Los Angeles that are still in near-perfect condition.

The Best Neighborhoods To Find Mid-Century Modern Homes In Los Angeles

There are many Mid-Century modern homes all over Los Angeles. Since these homes are so in demand, they are often very pricey. However, in the neighborhoods of Central Los Angeles, you can still find affordable Mid-Century Modern homes, you just have to know where to look. Our agents at Aspire recommend checking out:
  • Encino
  • The Valley
  • Studio City
  • Palos Verdes
  • La Cañada
  • Silver Lake
  • Echo Park
  • Sherman Oaks
There are some great hidden gems in these neighborhoods. With our expertise, we can help you find a dream Mid-Century Modern home at a price you can afford. Many of the homes in this area still have the original architectural elements that define the Mid-Century Modern style, but with updated features. If you are lucky enough to own a Mid Century Modern home in Los Angeles and are ready to sell, we would love to bring your property to the market for a successful sale, and if finding a Mid-Century Modern home in Los Angeles is your aspiration, contact our knowledgeable real estate brokers. We’ll match you with the perfect home for your style.
Image source: David Charbonier

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